The book is finished and I am done. This chapter of my life is well and truly over and I am on to much bigger and better things. 

Today I learned that you should never hide or hide from your past, and opening up to and letting people in isn't something I should be scared of. Because of the events that led to the creation of this book, I was scared and I was very nervous about ever letting anyone in ever again, but I'm over it now and I'm ready.

I can't tell you how good it feels to close this book. 


  1. i actually did something like this a few months ago with my film camera and ended up going all over town for it... it's tough revisiting these places but once you have the shot you feel like you've defeated something. it helps you get over the significance and even though it can linger in the place, sometimes i found that wasn't that bad. well done clur!

    1. im actually planning on like, mass producing the book and leaving it all over the city. kind of feel like replicating and duplicating the memories multiple times will destroy all meaning, significance and sentimentality. therapeutic or wha xo

    2. jesus, go for it, sounds like it'd be very empowering to do! keep them alive until they're dead in a way.

    3. that is the plan! so excited tbh. woooo! also a very good way to possibly create a buzz around me and my work!

    4. killing two birds with one stone, what. let me know when they appear on the streets, i'll be supportive and pick up some to share around uni.

    5. sure i'll give you a few copies of your own to leave about the place heheh


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