berlin (ii)



Some pretty dodgy contact prints from the long lost roll of 120 film I shot on my Holga in Berlin. This is the first roll of film I've processed from the Holga and I'm happy enough I guess. The film seems to have ran through the camera a bit strangely and there's definitely a lot of unintentional double (and triple) exposures here but they're sometimes kind of nice. Happy accidents and all that. 

These were all taken in and around Alexanderplatz back in October. 


  1. oooh i love the first one. so gorgeous. for some reason your posts weren't coming in in my bloglovin feed! :( hopefully they will from now on.
    i wish i had your creativity!

    1. thank you ahh! yeah i quite like that one too, its pretty horribly exposed but i think it gives a nice ghostly quality or something :)


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