the happiness then

I took part in an exhibition this weekend in D-Light studios as part of the Photo Ireland Festival. The photos I chose to show actually haven't really featured in any post here before. They were all film - shot on 35mm colour neg film from Dealz - and of course, deeply personal.

Photo credit: Ă“rlaith Nic Aidhne

The series deals with loss and coping with being alone. The text I put with these is from Shadowlands: "The pain now is  part of the happiness then"

I want to know what people make of them so I strongly encourage you to go into the gallery yourself, have a look, and then comment below/email me your thoughts. If you are here on my blog because of my little cards at the exhibition, then please get in contact with me and tell me what you think (or even just say hello!)

Unfortunately, the exhibition only runs for two days so you only have until 7pm tomorrow (the 22nd) (oh god it's after midnight that's today ooops) to have a look, but if you're in the city, you've really no excuse. Goooooo go go go.

My cute lil business cards. Photo courtesy of the Academy of Photography

Bekah taking a mirror selfie featuring Saoirse and myself. I'm a blur. @Chewbekahh