other worlds

Back to college today, the first day of my last year. I always feel really creative and excited after the initial briefings, mind swelling with ideas, dying to get going. Couldn't sit still this evening and wanted to play around a little as a break from thesis reading. 

These photos are from a short break to Longford last month with my boyfriend Conor. We had such a nice not-a-holiday holiday! These were the last things on my camera though, which means I really do need to start shooting more.

The crop I can claim no credit for, an artist I admire a lot and whom I follow on instagram recently posted a picture of some darkroom stuff she was working on which was printed like this. You can view her website here
I just really liked how it made these little boring landscapes look like little planets, like other worlds, which, to be honest, is how I felt about our little trip away. It was another world, so quiet and nothing like the city. Exactly what I needed at the time. 

Keeping everything crossed I have new work up soon. Trying my hardest to be productive, I swear.