February 6, 2015


Some very old work I shot of the We Are Islanders AW14 collection for Hunt and Gather magazine.
Unfortunately the photos found their place neither on H&G or here on my blog. In an attempt to feel productive by making posts, I've decided to share them with you all tonight!

Basically, myself and fashion blogger Amelia O'Mahony-Brady, were sent to We Are Islanders HQ in South Studios to interview the designers and shoot some of the pieces.

We styled a few looks and were allowed to shoot them in the beautiful loft space. I actually really, really like these photos and I'm really disappointed that they never made it to publication. That's the reason actually that I kept them from the blog for so long, I wanted to make a post with a link to the article but then time just kept passing and I kind of forgot all about them in the haze of my few months of illness.

A season or two behind, but here they are now! Months later and I'm still swooning over the beautiful, Irish hand-made designs.

You can view the current collections and designs here: http://weareislanders.com/

Until next time!

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