Wow, well just excuse me a moment while I wipe away the COBWEBS from my blogger dashboard. It's been nearly two months, what. Yeah, since my last post things have been a major roller coaster but I'm delighted to tell you all that I've managed to complete one of the projects that I missed, and write a 3000 word essay, while battling my mental illness with a shield and sword over the hectic Christmas period all whilst working in what was confirmed to be the 2nd busiest McDonald's in all of Dublin over the course of the season. Deep breaths. 

Some major highs and major lows, but I guess that's just who I am. I'm getting there though and for the first time in a very long time I'm starting to feel creative again, and actually have some ideas forming. Something that I really thought was never going to happen again when I was trapped in my sadness during my darkest days. 

Typically, these images are bordering on far-too-personal, not unlike anything else I ever post here. Whatever. I've a project on oversharing in the works anyway so what of it.

As always, make of these what you will but I will tell you this- this work has been printed with some alternative processes, which is the last project I have to catch up on since my absence. Here shows examples of some very bad and very wishy-washy van dyke and cyanotype prints. I like the faded effect though, I suppose it nods a little to how I was a shadow of my normal self when struggling through that hazy time. 

You also probably might possibly recognize the photo(s) as being the Polaroids from this post. I used these mostly because they were made almost exactly a year before the same feeling which I hadn't really experienced since then came creeping back up on me. (Look at the date on the post and the date on the doctor's note above). Notions of memory and nods toward that stupid trait of mine which means I find it near impossible to let things go and then the use of a (((photographic))) process which takes time and practice to get right and perfect and fine tune and make better. Lots going on, still not quite a sound enough brain to make entire sense of it. Yet. 

Anyway. You can expect more of this (if you'd like) as I'm more than likely going to be moving into the alternative processes room in college next week trying to complete the project. 

Until next time!


  1. powerful stuff dear, lovely to be seeing your work once again :)


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