horses: 2009-10

Follow up to this post I guess. This is the photography I was doing when I was around 15/16. I know some of the watermarks are really naff but as I mentioned, deviantART was a massive influence on all of what I was doing and being honest, your watermark was almost as important as the image itself and became your kind of trademark or signature. They were a big deal, I swear.

This image was actually made in the summer of 2009 but I remember rediscovering it and editing it and thinking it was actually pretty decent. This featured in the first Homeless Gallery Exhibition I took part in in 2010.

Both of these images were made at the RDS Failte Ireland Dublin Horse Show in 2010, just after I'd gotten my first zoom lens (which I recently sold because I only ever used it for horses and horse shows and neither of those things are a part of my life anymore). You can see I was definitely going through a mad LET'S PHOTOSHOP EVERYTHING phase. I think everyone has those though, and I learned a lot during that time. 

I don't know how people will react to these to be honest, a lot of the people who are following me and this blog now did not know me back then and even if they did, I doubt they remember this. It's crazy to think that this was so long ago.

So yeah, do people want to see more orrrrrrr?


  1. I remember these!! Please some more of your old stuff, I love them :)


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