berlin (i)

As you know I went on a little trip to Berlin last weekend with my friend Saoirse. It was really kind of amazing and I had such a good time. We went out a lot which meant I didn't really get to see all of what I wanted (due to sleeping all day after dancing all night) (give us a break, we were in Berlin) but I'm certain I'll be back. I'm actually already kind of planning a trip for Pride next year which would be incredible. Berghain look out, I'm comin'. I don't know though. We'll see. 

So yeah, nothing too serious photography wise but it was kind of nice to just take some snapshots of things that caught my eye. It's weird how stuff I probably maybe possibly wouldn't bother taking a picture of in Dublin made me fall behind my friend Saoirse when walking through the city because I simply couldn't let myself walk past it. 

I've got the travel bug now though for sure and now that I actually have a passport I feel like there is absolutely no stopping me. Agh I can't wait to eat the world up through my lens.

120mm photos should be up in a week or two, dying to get into the darkroom!

Until then!