August 29, 2014

shortlisted! (+balls?)

Woke up to another lovely surprise this morning in my "junk" folder. This blog has made it through to the next round of judging in Blog Awards Ireland competition! I can't believe it to be honest, I was thrilled to even be nominated, I did not once consider actually getting any further. The need to win is growing and growing inside me ahaha!

I have updated the little button in the sidebar, and am now going to give you all a little preview of some of what I've been up to lately. I had a shoot with the v fab and fellow St. Paul's girlo Nicole Douglas (Ballsy Wallsy) the other week as part of a massive project I'm undertaking. I might have mentioned this before actually. But yeah, I had another shoot for it last night, have one today, another tomorrow and tWo mORE next week. As well as the chance to work on a Roots Pt. III post. PHOTOGRAPHY.

Here y'are anyway x

blog awards ireland

Until next time!

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