August 4, 2014

blog awards ireland (+ more!)

So today on a sweaty bus ride home after a rotten shift in work, I discovered that my little blog here has been nominated in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014, in the category "Best Photography Blog". Sorry, what???? 

I am really shocked and a little emotional to be honest, but I've slapped that little button you can see there in the sidebar onto my blog and am wearing it with pride. This is a big deal for me. Being nominated alone is amazing, but if any of you know me at all you will know that I want to win. So please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me! 

You can view the long list of nominees here, there are some worthy competitors and the standard is high, I am honoured to be included. 

Now, to keep you all sweet, here's a few snaps from a shoot the other day.

Model: Krystal Mahon

More photos from this shoot to follow!


  1. CONGRATS!! SO happy you were nominated!! You definitely deserve it! :) here's hoping we win!! fingers crossed!

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