August 21, 2014


As briefly mentioned in my last post, I got to assist the fab Alex Hutchinson on a shoot a few weeks ago. He was doing a test with Jane Hogg who won the #iamdistinct modelling competition on Instagram. 

Between holding up reflectors and improvising a wind machine with a piece of styrofoam, it was a great experience and I actually learned a helluva lot. Alex is one of the few professional photographers I know who shares my passion for shooting film and we had a great chat about our views on fashion photography, photography in general, and a mutual love of shooting in natural light. 

The photo above was taken by myself toward the end of the day, but you can view Alex's shots on his Facebook page, here Make-up artistry by fellow IADT head Aisling Kelly

Speaking of all this facebook page business, I finally bit the bullet and launched my own. Would of course appreciate a like or a share or a whatever but I'm trying not to get obsessed with the numbers. Gewan x

Anyway, hope you're all well, there may be more work with Alex coming up in the future, as well as working on a very big project with NCAD student and dopey boyfriend lil Conor Nolan. And a few other people. And some other things as well.

Ok goodbye!!!

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