May 2, 2014

OBSERVE: the launch

So after months and months and months of preparation, fundraising, blood, tears, and stress, our end of year exhibition launched last night in Moxie Studios.

I was having major doubts about my work in the last few days before the show but I think I pulled it off and I could not be happier. My work was projected so it was in its own little room and there was a pretty much constant queue of people to get in and look at it for the whole night, and everyone kept saying how my work was "the talk of the show". So yeah, I am very proud of myself! I'm also incredibly proud of my class, everyone did such an amazing job in the end and it's just such a good show. 

I'm finished second year now and I really don't know what to think. Like, I am halfway through my degree, how did that happen? Where did this year even go? I must say, this academic year has been one of the best ever. I had a really tough time in the later half of first year, and this whole year has just been so drastically different and so much has happened both in my personal life and in my college life. 

While I still have't settled into a style, I know I'm getting closer. I am now known as a "Snapchat artist" (cringe), so there's scope for more work to be made through that medium and perhaps that could become a thing for me, I don't know. I feel like this year was a really good starting point for a lot of stuff I know I'm going to end up doing in the future. It was almost a bit of a journey of self discovery and I learned a lot not only about my photography but about myself and what my real interests are and what I want to say with my work.

This probably just sounds like a whole load of shite so I'll leave it there. Gonna throw up a few pictures of the launch so you can have a snoop! Don't worry if you missed it though, the show runs until Wednesday, opening daily from 12-5 so please pop in! I will more than likely be around most of the days so come say hi, would love to chat with people about what they make of the work!

My sign outside the projection room! I became known as "Penis girl" for the night, it was great. 
Photographs courtesy of Imoca Interns [x]

My fave people. Big dopey cutie boyfriend Conor, best friends Heather and Ryan, and Heather's boyfriend Darragh. And then there's me being really drunk.

Until next time!


  1. ah i'm so excited!! going to try make it either today or tomorrow at some stage!! :)
    so glad it all went really well for you!

    1. i should be in both days so defo pop in woo! thanks so much :) xo

  2. I don't see the photos