April 3, 2014

mayo (ii): final

My final three images from the trip. I don't really know what to say about it. 
Working here was a struggle and it was mostly because I was overwhelmed and felt like I just couldn't take in what was around me. I spent my first day jumping from idea to idea, never quite hitting the mark and feeling very discouraged. I was reaching out for something that just wasn't coming back to me. 

Maybe that's just it. The work is very 'me' and I'm happy with it I guess. One of my tutors has proposed that the largest image here be the cover of the photo book which will be made of everyone's work from the trip so that's something. But that is still being debated. Delighted to have it considered though!

So yeah, I've displayed them here in the way in which they'll appear in the book. Going home early in the morning and I think I'm happy to go back. The escape was nice and I learned a lot on this trip but I think I'm just ready to go. I've gotten all I can out of Mayo.


  1. It sounds like such a great learning curve though, even if you felt disheartened maybe with the results and the process, working in such a different environment like that must have really pushed you! And obviously that one tutor is impressed!! :)
    well done! i love them!

    1. it really was though, like we had big edit meetings each night where we discussed each other's work, it was really really good. thank you ah!