March 10, 2014

mood boards

I make a lot of these and I also keep an awful lot of journals. Apart from visj of course, I tend to keep these things top-secret. This is probably partly because I never really fully understand the reason why I put the certain things I do together and I feel like everyone always needs an explanation for everything I/anyone ever does.

Like absolutely everything about me, they are extremely varied and often don't look like the same person made them all at all. This is as always very annoying but of course reflects my constant struggle to settle on a single style of image making or photography (or way to dress, music to listen to, way to wear my hair, etc etc etc. My life ugh)
These are my most recent and for some reason I've decided to share them with you all. I don't know if this is something anyone wants to see considering you all probably follow my visj anyway and might have seen a lot of these images before but maybe sharing these will be a good way of tracking my creative process and seeing how much of an influence these have on my "final images", if any at all.

Does anyone else ever do this? Do you share them or keep them secret? Can I see? WANNA TRADE MOOD BAORDS? 


(I feel like it's also necessary to say that none of these images are mine, since these are all random collections of photographs which I never thought I'd be sharing, I didn't make note of all the artists and therefore can't actually credit them properly which is a bit annoying and I hope it's not too much of a thing. I can tell you for a fact that the first one here contains a lot of Ryan McGinley and some Robert Mapplethorpe. The other two are slightly older and I've forgotten a lot of the image sources. Perhaps in the future I will make note of all the photographers/artists if possible so I can credit them here if I'm going to be showing them? Is that a thing does that work? Maybe? Yes?)

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  1. I DO THIS TOO. so weird. i've never shared them either! but i love them. definitely post more!