November 27, 2013

bears and blankets

As a child we are given these things and told us that they will protect us and comfort us and make us feel safe. A teddy bear or a blanket doesn't hug you back, but yet there are people who can't sleep without them. How is it that we can attach so much importance to these insignificant and inanimate things? 

Pieces of cloth and fake stuffed animals offer nothing more than something to simply cling onto in times of fear and sadness. Maybe there is a nostalgic quality to it all, an object which held pride of place on your bed all through your life as you grew up and lost your innocence. 

I photographed a group of my peers in their underwear with their bears and blankets. I asked them to pose in their underwear as I wanted to encourage and enforce the sense of vulnerability which may have been long lost during their younger teenage years. 

... don't really know what else to say. Surely you know by now that writing about my work is definitely not something I enjoy doing and often have a fair few nervous breakdowns when typing up posts. Anyway, I'm really kinda delighted with this work and I hope you all like it too and I have to say a really big thanks to everyone who came in and got a bit naked for me. Oh and yeah I am definitely the kind of person who thinks that you should never ask anyone to do something in front of your lens that you wouldn't d yourself so...

Myself and Dicky-Bow had a private shoot.

Until next time!

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  1. I love this so much! I was so attached to this silk 'ribbon' as a kid, that I brought everywhere... until I was far too old for it in fairness but it was such a comfort to me and I was always so shy it made me feel safe. When I had it everything was alright. I love these so much! Especially the bottom right, her eyes are fantastic.