October 22, 2013

the colour project

Handed up the first completed project of second year last week. I am happy with how this project went and I felt like I really lived the project and my research. If that makes sense. In fairness, I dyed my hair red.

However, I think my commitment to the colour red could be my downfall. I focused too much on the one colour as opposed to broadening my knowledge of ALL colours and their meanings. I did touch on this briefly in my research, but I wouldn't disagree in saying that I went into this project with blinkers, already concentrating on the one colour and ignoring everything else.

While in a sense this may have affected my project in a somewhat negative way, it had some positive affects too. It made me very focused and committed to what I was doing and indeed to the colour red itself. 
As far as my final images are concerned, I really do love the first two. They are exactly what I wanted and imagined when I first embarked on this red journey. However, I do not like the third image so much and would have liked to have had more time to shoot a stronger series. 

My original idea was to find someone to inflict my wounds of passion and lust upon and photograph them, but unfortunately this couldn't happen. I  do think the project and imagery would be stronger if this had happened because it would have been easier to shoot photographs that were not self portraits and I would have had a lot more control over composition and focus etc. Taking self portraits with a 50mm on manual focus held at arms length is very difficult. 

Overall I am happy with how this went and while the project is finished, it is not over. I hope to continue to see and think about what red and every other colour means and how colour can affect and manipulate the viewers thoughts and emotive response to images.


PS I arrived home from Berlin last night. It was an amazing trip and I had such a great time going out and seeing all the sights and eating all the food etc etc. I took a good few photographs of course and being honest, red was a pretty strong theme throughout so it's going to be interesting scanning those negs in. I also shot some b&w 120 film on my holga so I'm VERY excited about that, attempted some double exposures and other arty farty things so I cant wait to get into the darkroom and mess about.

Until next time!

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