July 11, 2013


I don't know.

Like, it kind of really fucking annoys me how I can go from the kind of photo from my last post to something like this. I don't have a style. You could go through this blog and pick 5 photos from various posts, put them in a portfolio, and they wouldn't even look like the same photographer took them. 

How am I ever going to get any kind of portfolio together when the things that interest me change so rapidly and my way of working adapts and evolves with every release of the shutter? Do I have to have a style? Is it okay that I haven't settled into one yet? How terrible is it that I'm still not sure what exactly I want to do with photography? 

Yeah, I'm only 19. Yes, I've only finished first year. Of course, I have many years ahead of me. But as my friends are taking off and starting to make a living off photography and getting published and shown and featured and commissioned, and I'm still here in my room at half one in the morning shooting off a webcam and uploading to my blog that has a handful of views and no potential to get me any jobs, I'm starting to freak out a little bit.

What am I doing wrong? 

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