May 18, 2013

virtual innocence



Something I touched on when talking about my current weird obsession with skin was the thought of what it means to show someone yourself at your most vulnerable - when you are in nothing but your skin. No clothes to hide behind, just yourself, with every inch of insecurity on show. This idea merged with that long lost project attempting to explore our obsession with social networking and I found myself thinking about the exchanging of nudes, sexting, snapchat, "camming", etc.

These things... really annoy me. Call me old fashioned, but I think that sex is a personal, private, intimate thing between two people who are in the physical presence of each other. Sorry, no, I may want you but I don't want your dick-pic. 

It scares me slightly that internet fame can actually be achieved by posting nudes on tumblr. There are days of the week dedicated to nakedness (be it Topless Tuesday or Trouser-less Thursday) and it is on these days when young people are encouraged to upload raunchy webcam/phone snaps of themselves naked. 

The internet is trivialising sex and making it out to be not a big deal at all when it really, really is. I hate that we're growing up in a world where one night stands are the norm and sex can mean little or nothing. Do people not understand that you are giving yourself to someone in your most natural but also most innocent state? That person will forever be a part of you whether they like it or not. This is especially true for girls unfortunately. 

I shot these on webcam to poke at the posting nudes and sexting and camming thing and also to make them seem meaningless and effortless and as if I don't give a shit, because people don't. I also really love the effect of webcam photos, shooting with a webcam is something I've wanted to do for a long time and will definitely do again. I really wanted to get the awkwardness of it all across too. Most pictures like this I've seen have been painfully awkward. A very obviously underage girl with her pants around her ankles and her t shirt pulled up to her neck counting down with the photobooth timer hoping her parents don't walk in.

Let it be known that this is not my thing at all, this is a legitimate art photography project that I sat down and thought about before making. I know I don't write too well about my work but I say it every time, I am a photographer, I write with images not words. I'm pretty scared to post this (understandably, I'm sure) but I put thought and effort into these photos and I do like them and think they link to what I'm trying to do. I don't want them to be misunderstood though which is why all that waffle is up there and this kind of disclaimer-y thing is here. I feel like I've already written too much and that every new sentence is me trying to buy some time before I hit publish because I am so scared but yes I'll stop myself now. I'm going to go hide forever now bye. 

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