May 8, 2013

I spent the last three days by the sea in Waterford with my friend Keefa. After everything that's happened, I feel like the trip came at the most perfect time. We spent yesterday on the beach and although I'm pretty terrified of water and it was very cold, the urge to paddle prevailed. The two of us whipped off our shoes and ran into the water like two dopes on a beach of people in hats and scarves. Not long afterwards, the sun broke through the clouds just for us and my next big idea hit. It's something I need to research more so I don't want to talk too much about it until then but yeah, feeling inspired is really brilliant and I'm excited to get working.

The water and the feel of sand between my toes was really amazing, I hadn't been to a beach in years. It was so calming and with each lapping wave breaking on the shore, I felt all my problems and worries fall away. It was quite therapeutic. It was also strange to think how there were more grains of sand on that beach than people in the world (I don't know why I think these things, I constantly freak myself out) and it made me feel small, but also big leaving footprints as I went.

The footprints were gone by the time the tide came in, but my impression on the beach and the impression it's left on me remain and I'm so happy to have had the chance to get away from Dublin even for a little while. 

Came back home this evening to absolutely brilliant news. The Fair have published my street style photos and are "delighted" with them (why). I am so not happy with the photos at all but now that this is actually real and I've had my head all sorted and cleared and am happy after my trip, I'm really motivated to make even better pictures now. 

Check my photos out here~

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