April 19, 2013


After a horrible 4 hour sleep I woke to blinding squinty sunlight bleeding through my curtains and it felt like my eyes were on fire but then it touched my skin and it was warm and my skin felt different and alive and looked pretty and I felt good and I wanted to keep that feeling always so obviously camera.

Skin is something I've actually developed a really weird obsession with lately since shooting that macro stuff for my ten picture narrative college project. I've been blogging about it a bit on my visual journal (visj) blog. I want to photograph other people's skin and their birthmarks and their battle wounds and other things like that but even though skin is one of the first things we may notice about someone (the colour of it perhaps I don't know), and it's the largest and outermost organ of the body, it's an extremely personal thing. People don't often show skin. Some religions and cultures shun it completely. Why? This leads me to think of the skin as a sacred, celestial, magical, etc etc thing and hmm.

I need to research more because I have no idea what I just tried to explain there. Aggghh. Words are hard.

Anyway, first year is nearly over and to be honest I should probably be writing an essay right now but no instead I'm rolling around my bed bare-legged crying because skin. Whatever. Ok bye. 

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