April 19, 2013

canon prima bf-80 (i)

I have about 6 rolls of colour filming waiting to be developed. Some of them are from 2 years ago aaah. At a tenner a pop, I never have money to get them done (well I do but I end up spending that money on ridiculous things). But yeah I'm going to try get one roll done every 2 weeks when I get paid because they're really beginning to build up now. Anyway, got the first one done the other day and I'm really very happy with the results. These are from February when we were all living in the darkroom doing prints for the studio project. 

All shot off my amazingly terrible Canon Prima BF-80. This batch in particular were on some out of date Kodak film. From top to bottom, left to right: Amiee and Sophia. A clock and a door in Amiee and Sophia's place. Megan and Cale. Yours truly.

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