March 13, 2013


I've shot at gigs before, but never enjoyed them because I always thought my photos sucked. I was recently contacted and asked to cover the DIT GigSoc's Battle of the Bands, and because I'm sort of desperate for money at the moment, I reluctantly agreed.

The first heat was horrendous and I was so embarrassed of my photos. I was starting to feel really bad because these people were paying me to do this and my photos were sort of shit. However, the second heat was so much better and I got so inspired by the music and stuff that my photos were actually.. okay. Like they're definitely not the best at all, but compared to what I've done in the past, I'm delighted with them.

I'm getting kind of excited for the final now that I know exactly what I need to do with my camera to get good shots. I started to play around toward the end of the last heat, doing some 'arty' stuff and messing with angles and light and framing and things so I can't wait to see what I can come up with at the final.

Perhaps if the photos are well received, I will book other jobs and this will be a handy way to bring in some money throughout college. I swear, if I was shooting bands that I really liked, the photos would bound to be good because I really draw inspiration from music and I always have.

If this does become a thing that I do, I'm going to need to sort my kit out though. I can't deal with trying to manually focus my 50mm in seriously low lighting conditions. Like, I can't. So I think a new lens may be in order...

Clare Lyons - Live Music and Concert Photographer

I like the sound of that~

(Oh, somewhat unrelated but, I got the result of my studio portraiture project (that I have blogged so excessively about) and I am delighted! I got a B which is a pretty huge deal considering A grades are never ever given really ever. So yeah, chuffed! Kbye)

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