February 27, 2013


Heather Macari is my best friend and has been a constant in my photographic journey from the very beginning. We joke all the time saying she that is my muse or that if I were Mario Testino, she'd be Kate Moss. More than half of my application portfolio was made up of her and I can confidently say that if it weren't for her, I most definitely would not have gotten in to IADT. 

Yesterday, as part of my studio portraiture project, Heather ventured out to IADT to model for me in the studio. I managed to keep my composure on the outside but in all honesty, I was really very emotional. This time last year we were making amateur "fashion editorial" style portraits on the top of a multi storey car park in Tallaght, and now here we were in a professional studio shooting with a ten grand Hasselblad. 

I was mainly using my digital body as a light meter and for test shots so these are pretty crude and rough. I quite like how they aren't perfect though - I'm still learning and it's good to know I still have Heather to rely on as I continue to grow and develop as a photographer~

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