December 14, 2012


Obviously, with a course like mine there are no formal exams, so this week was hand-up week. As you know, Monday was hand-up day for the film project. Tuesday was digital imaging/workflow. And today was the historical and contextual studies essay.

After all the late nights and panic, I got them all in complete and on time. I'm not 100% happy with everything but that's partially because I'm a hardcore perfectionist (though I also suffer with a severe case of procrastination which causes great internal conflict). My prints were okay, but not fantastic. My hung pieces were alright, but could have been so much better. My essay was downright woeful but I tried really hard, so I'm hoping that will cover me.

I won't know the results until after Christmas break, which started TODAY. It's so nice not having something constantly hanging over me and it also means I'll be able to go shoot for fun. I have a lot of ideas I want to try out with my film photography as well as some digital projects I've been quietly planning for a while.

However, it's going to be super hard to find the time to get everything I want to get done DONE, as I'm starting full time work tomorrow. Not to mention I'm about to begin totally redecorating and refurbishing my brand new room AND I still have a few presents to pick up.

Anyway, cheers for the pretty insane amount of views I've been getting! A few followers to go with those views might be nice though? The more followers I have, the more motivated I will be to make work!

Until next time,

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