September 23, 2012


Headed into the city on Friday night for Culture Night. It was kind of awesome, but of course I just ended up in a bar with a pint. Culturally challenged.

Had to take a photo of this considering it contains the namesake of my photography class blog - which I am in charge of, naturally. Check it outtt AUTAMATA

Couldn't not take a photo of this like, come on.

Not going to lie, this shot was an accident. Look at those freaking shadows though!

This was probably the weirdest installation piece I've ever seen. I literally cant even talk about it and to be honest, I didn't get it. I couldn't understand what the artist was trying to convey or really.. like I honestly have no idea what the story was.

There was also some pretty awesome projections on buildings. Along with some other crazy shit.

Then Saturday was pony time. Went to see my beautiful horse Tenoso and rode out in the actually amazing Autumn sunshine.

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